Sundance 2020 #31 – Impetigore – Sessão da Meia-Noite!!!

Impetigore / Indonesia (Director and Screenwriter: Joko Anwar; Principal Cast: Tara Basro, Marissa Anita, Christine Hakim, Ario Bayu, Asmara Abigail). How do you escape a family legacy when it’s ingrained inside you—literally? This is what Maya wants to find out after a close encounter with death leaves her with questions about the parents she never knew and what they potentially left behind. Accompanied by her best friend, Dini, she ventures to the remote village where she lived as a young child. Immediately, they observe strange phenomena; most noticeably, there aren’t any children around. As they peel back the layers of the village’s secretive facade, they find themselves at the center of a story that transcends life and death. Midnight Sessions.



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