Sundance 2020 #13 – Luxor

Sundance 2020 #13 Luxor

Crítica do filme Luxor, no quinto dia do Festival de Sundance 2020.

Posted by Razão de Aspecto on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Luxor / Egypt/United Kingdom (Director and Screenwriter: Zeina Durra. Principal Cast: Andrea Riseborough, Karim Saleh, Michael Landes, Sherine Reda, Salima Ikram, Shahira Fahmy).         Hana is seeking mental peace and physical respite after an overwhelming period spent working at a clinic in Ramtha, on the Jordanian-Syrian border, where she specialised in treating victims wounded in the war in Syria. She finds solace in majestic Luxor, Egypt, where she lived in her 20s and dated a handsome archeologist, Sultan, who was also studying there. On this nostalgic solo trip, she lingers through memory-filled hotel lobbies and ancient sites as she begins to grapple with her grief and her emotions from the war—but when she runs into Sultan on a ferry crossing unexpectedly, the chemistry is undeniable. World Cinema Dramatic Competition.



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