Sundance 2019 #23 – Give Me Liberty

Give me liberty / USA (Director: Kirill Mikhanovsky: Screenwriters: Alice Austen; Kirill Mikhanovsky; Produced by Alice Austen; Producers: Kirill Mikhanovsky, Sergey Shtern, George Rush, Walter S. Hal, Val Abel, Michael Manasseri; Principal Cast: Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, Chris Galust, Maksim Stoyanov, Darya Ekamasova). Vic, a hapless young Russian American, drives a handicapped transport in Milwaukee, where he shares an apartment with his grandfather. Already late on a day when street protests break out, Vic reluctantly agrees to ferry his grandfather and a dozen elderly Russians to a funeral, but they’re distressed when he stops first in a predominantly African American neighborhood to pick up Tracy, a black woman with ALS. On the verge of being fired, Vic’s day goes from bad to worse. NEXT.

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