Sundance 2019 #31 – Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the light / United Kingdom (Director: Gurinder Chadha; Screenwriters: Sarfraz Manzoor, Gurinder Chadha, Paul Mayeda Berges;
Producers: Gurinder Chadha, Jane Barclay, Jamal Daniel; Principal Cast: Viveik Kalra, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon, Kulvinder Ghir, Nell Williams, Aaron Phagura). 1987, Margaret Thatcher’s England. Javed, a 16-year-old British Pakistani boy, lives in the town of Luton. His father’s recent job termination and the neighborhood skinheads are a daily reminder of the difficult times he’s living in. What young Javed really wants is to be a writer—something his father doesn’t approve of or understand—and when a new friend loans him a few Bruce Springsteen cassettes, Javed is changed forever. The Boss’s working-class anthems and affirming lyrics seem to speak directly to Javed, emboldening him to find his own voice as a writer, stand up to the racism around him, and challenge his father’s rigid ideals. World Premiere.

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